Edition 2022

Issue 01

In Focus

Cardiovascular diseases continue to rise rapidly, risking young lives

Dr. Bashir Hanif sheds light on the need for preventive and proactive care in the management of cardiovascular diseases.

Expert Speak

Diabetes & cardiovascular disease: a dangerous duo of doom

Dr. Abdul Shakoor raises awareness about the critical role of cardiac biomarkers in the treatment of diabetic patients.


The pivotal role of family medicine in cardiovascular risk prevention & management

Dr. Tariq Mian discusses the importance of general screening in the context of cardiology in a primary care setting.

Clinical Conversation

All it takes to make the heart work is an early detection of troponins

Prof. Dr. Bilal Mohydin emphasizes on the critical role of troponin biomarkers in the timely diagnosis of Acute Myocardial Infarction.

Patient Perspective

Heart attacks among young people are on the rise

Two cardiac patients share their inspiring stories about how timely and quality testing saved their lives.